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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a violent or aggressive behavior within the home typically the violent abuse of a spouse or partner, but it does include a violence against children, parents, siblings and Boyfriend/Girlfriend who do not live together. Overwhelmingly, domestic violence is perpetrated by men against women. Nationally, statistics indicate 95% of the victims are women.

In Alexandria alone, hundreds of women and their children live in constant terror and pain as a result of family violence. The abuse can be physical, ranging from slaps and kicks to punching and stabbing; or psychological, including threats or verbal abuse that make a person fear for her or his safety.


Domestic Violence could lead to death, so if you feel like you are being abused or you know someone living in a domestic violence please do not hesitate to seek help.

Domestic Violence could include

  • Physical Assaults
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Harassment
  • Threat or harm

Are you a victim?

  • Verbally insult, demean or threaten you?
  • Isolate you from friends, family or other people? Do they become excessively jealous, possessive and/or angry in attempt to control you?
  • Organize schedules to follow or harass you?
  • Limit your mobility or access to money and/or other resources?
  • Explode into a rage and abusive behaviors after using drugs and/or alcohol?
  • Negate your words, abilities, ideas and actions?
  • Choke, punch, slap, kick, pull hair, bite, throw things, abuse or damage your personal belongings or force you to have sex?
  • Excuse each attack and promise to stop?


However, you are not alone. Whether you need information, support, or a safe place to stay, the Domestic Violence Program has people who can help.

Click on your State to see where you can get help.


District of Columbia


State/National Hotlines and Organizations

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