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For Immediate Release

February 14, 2013 - The Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW) appreciates Ethiopian Sport Federation
of North America (ESFNA) for its decision to uphold the theme of “Celebrating Ethiopian Women” at
its 30th year anniversary.

Ethiopian women are known worldwide for their cultural diversity and beauty; but for far too
long, their intelligence, tenacity, achievements as well as the tremendous hardships they face have not
been part of the social dialogue adequately. Their heroic struggle against foreign invaders; their
sacrifices in the struggle for social change; their leadership in their communities and their endurance in
dealing with the insurmountable poverty in the country are rarely celebrated. We hope ESFNA will
bring these in the forefront in celebrating Ethiopian women at its 30th anniversary.

CREW congratulates ESFNA not only for choosing the theme of “Celebrating Ethiopian
Women,” but also for being trailblazer of 30 years success. ESFNA’s success of 30 years and its
highlighting of Ethiopian women’s success and challenges during its landmark celebration, will be role
model for the future generations.

Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women.

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