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S. Africa Xenophobic Attacks Terrify Foreign Nationals

Violence against foreign nationals in Durban, South Africa.

VOA. Violent xenophobic attacks have erupted in South Africa, leaving five dead and thousands displaced.  The violence first targeted shops owned by foreign nationals, largely from Somalia and Ethiopia.  Now it's spreading against all African foreigners, leaving many feeling terrified and hopeless.

Somalia national Ebrahim Mohamad Ali runs a coffee shop in Johannesburg.  Memories of the 2008 xenophobic attacks in South Africa are still fresh in his mind. He lost his auto repair business - and his brother as well.

“That time, even my brother there, they killed him, that xenophobic guys.  My brother is passed away there. They killed him in that robbery, for xenophobia. Me, I lost all my tools, all my money,” said Mohamad. Read more

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