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Ethiopia: Say Not to Illegal Human Trafficking

Source : AllAfrica

Thousands of Ethiopian women particularity girls are leaving for abroad due to a number of pushing and pulling factors. A number of youngsters are deprived of human and democratic rights and dehumanized in the Arab world. Their life is thus being threatened by various unendurable critical problems. They are being raped, humiliated and physically injured most of the time by the parties -- brokers and employees abroad. Worse even, they return home dead.

Illegal brokers provide women and girls with void hope and are taking advantage of the latter as most of them are not aware of what to do other than having mere hope. The majority of such illegal brokers attack these girls in many ways. They take their money, beat, rape and intimidate them. Surprisingly, the brokers do not know where their fellow citizens, innocent girls go. As a result, the trafficked ones could hardly be well informed about what they would encounter abroad. That is why they are forced to face ups and downs in the destinations. They are being abused and enslaved in various ways.

Undeniably, most of the girls are working in a very harsh and oppressive environment which makes them more vulnerable to any psychological, sexual, social and economic hazards and they work under high work pressure one can never imagine of shouldering it. The most saddening issue in this regard is that Ethiopian girls' salary is nine times lower than that of housemaids from other nations. Above all, the meager salary is not given to them on time, or it would go to the extent being totally ignored, following their illegal entrance.

Thus, all the concerned organs and other stakeholders should be more committed than ever to work hard to create a conducive working environment thereby curb the illegal human trafficking. And the illegal traffickers and brokers must also be brought before law and get proportional punishment to be a lesson for others.

In sum, an organized and integrated effort needs to be exerted to curb illegal human trafficking thereby bringing about lasting solution to the problem. Let's move in unison to meaningfully rescue the lives of hundreds of daughters, sisters and wives.

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