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Call for Proposal by Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW)

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Call for Proposal by Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW)

Dr. Maigenet Shifferraw Fellowship

December 27, 2016

About the Fellowship

The Maigenet Shifferraw Fellowship is dedicated to promote scholarship on Ethiopian women as well as empower and/or advance women’s wellbeing in Ethiopia.

The Role of CREW and the Guiding Philosophy of the Fellowship

Dr. Maigenet Shifferraw, who departed from us on February 23, 2016, was one of the founding members of CREW and served as president of the organization for a long period since the inception of the organization in 1991. Dr. Maigenet was dedicated to promoting women’s rights and human rights in general in Ethiopia and in other parts of the world for more than three decades. Consequently, Dr. Maigenet’s family has established the Fellowship in her memory and for her long service to humanity. The Maigenet Shifferraw Fellowship will be managed by CREW. CREW believes that the life experience of Dr. Maigenet and the efforts of CREW will serve as exemplary models for all women who strive to promote human rights and make the future a better and safer place for all women and for humanity in general.

The Fellowship is guided by two philosophies or principles. First, the experience of Ethiopian women and girls, like in other parts of the world, needs to be researched and documented so that we all can gain some knowledge and serve humanity better. Second, those who strive to protect women and girl’s rights and improve their situation need to be recognized and encouraged.

Based on the above philosophies, the Fellowship provides short-term and limited amount of financial compensation for: a) Academic Fellowship for those conducting research on Ethiopian girls or women; and b) Community Support for organizations or those striving to empower or improve the situation of Ethiopian girls and women in Ethiopia.  Accordingly, proposals are now openly being solicited from interested individuals or organizations in one of these two segments of the Maigenet Shifferraw Fellowship.

  1. Academic Fellowship.

The Fellowship offers a one-time financial assistance, up to US $2,000.00, to individuals who conduct research on Ethiopian girls or women and are near completion of submitting their thesis for the Master’s degree or dissertation for the Ph.D. from recognized universities. Applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. Submit a convincing and successful cover letter;
  2. Submit a research proposal and must address, theoretical framework, relevant literature review, bibliography, and research methodology;
  3. Provide evidence of scholarship from thesis or dissertation chairperson written on official letterhead;
  4. Provide a letter of recommendation from a reputable person who can write about the dependability and personal integrity of the researcher and the benefit of the research to women or girls in Ethiopia;
  5. Indicate how the money will be expended, and
  6. The proposal must not be less than five and not more than ten pages.
  1. Community Support.

The Fellowship will provide a one-time financial assistance, up to US$2,000.00, to an organization in Ethiopia that promotes the wellbeing and/or empowerment of women and girls in Ethiopia. Applicants are required to indicate the following in their proposal:

  1. The history of the organization, its track-record, and dedication to empowering or improving the situation of girls or women in Ethiopia;
  2. A letter of recommendation from one of the beneficiaries of the service of the organization;
  3. Other relevant information about the organization such as its website, media-exposure, etc.;
  4. Statement on how the grant fund will be spent, and
  5. The proposal must not be less than five or more than ten pages.

Dateline, Proposal Submission, and Result Announcement 

  • Applicants are encouraged to submit the proposal by February 10, 2017.
  • Proposal must be emailed to: Proposal Reading Committee, CREW. The email address is Ethiowomen@gmail.com.
  • Result will be announced on March 11, 2017.

Note:  CREW or the Maigenet Shifferraw Fellowship is non-discriminatory. Research proposals can be submitted from all over the world but the research must focus on Ethiopian girls and women. Organizations who work on empowering or improving the situation of girls or women in Ethiopia must operate in Ethiopia.

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