What do I need to know about breastfeeding twins or multiples?

The benefits of breastfeeding for mothers of multiples and their babies are the same as for all mothers and babies — possibly greater, since many multiples are born early. The idea of breastfeeding more than one baby may seem overwhelming at first! But many moms of multiples find breastfeeding easier than other feeding methods because there is nothing to prepare. Many mothers successfully breastfeed

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Breastfeeding and everyday life

Most breastfeeding moms do not need a special diet, but eating healthy foods and getting exercise will help make sure you have the energy you need. Juggling a new baby and a good breastfeeding routine can be stressful. Learning how to keep your stress level as low as possible can help make the breastfeeding experience a positive one for you and your baby. Do

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What is the let-down reflex during breastfeeding?

The let-down reflex (also called just “let-down” or the milk ejection reflex) happens when your baby begins to nurse. The nerves in your breast send signals that release the milk into your milk ducts. Let-down happens a few seconds to several minutes after you start breastfeeding your baby. It also can happen a few times during a feeding. You may feel a tingle in

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How can I make more breastmilk?

To increase your milk supply, you should always try to remove the milk completely from your breasts. You should do this quickly and often so that less milk builds up in your breasts between feedings. To better empty your breasts, follow these tips: Use breast massage and compression. Offer your baby both breasts at each nursing. Pump after nursing if your baby does not

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