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State of Emergency

  CREW finds the October 8 declaration of the State of Emergency issued by the Ethiopian Government extremely worrisome. Restrictions on various human rights: including banning social media, broadcast media, peaceful protest and even gestures and others are imposed on the nation for the coming six months. At the beginning of the month, it was reported at least 150 people died during the “Irrecha”

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Ethiopia: More than 150 Dead after Security Forces Fire into Crowd

In response to actions by Ethiopian security forces leading to the death of more than 150 people attending the Irreecha religious and cultural celebration in the Bishoftu town in Ethiopia’s Oromia region on October 2, Freedom House issued the following statement: “The deaths in Bishoftu occurred because security forces fired tear gas and live ammunition at a crowd of over a million people celebrating

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No Emergency Trust Fund money goes to Ethiopian government, Commission stresses

By Matthew Tempest | EurActiv.com The ETF was set up last year, at the Valleta migration summit, in an attempt to mitigate the ‘pull’ factors behind uncontrolled migration from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe, in the wake of the migration crisis. Ethiopia, with a stable and West-friendly government in the Horn of Africa, is one of the major recipients of the trust fund, which aims to improve life

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Job Opening: Grant/ fundraising officer

Center for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW) CREW is looking for experienced candidate in fundraising within non–profit organization setting. The Fundraising officer will be responsible for searching available grants, which the organization is eligible to apply for and complete the application process in consultation with her supervisor. The Position will be for a year time with possibility of renewal. The Grant / Fundraising

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