Please apply for this Fellowship that offers a one-time financial assistance, up to US $2,000.00, to individuals who conduct research on Ethiopian girls or women and are near completion of submitting their thesis for the Master’s degree or dissertation for the Ph.D. from recognized universities. Find application here.

Interview with Tadella Demeke Fanta

ታድላ ደመቀ ፋንታ፤ የኢትዮጵያ ሴቶች መብት ማዕከል (ኢሴመማ) መሥራችና ሥራ አሥፈጻሚ ኮሚቴ አባል፤ አዲስ ለኅትመት ስለበቃው የዶ/ር ማይገነት ሺፈራው መጽሐፍ “STRUGGLE FROM AFAR: Ethiopian Women Peace and Human Rights Activists in the Diaspora” ይናገራሉ። ዶ/ር ማይገነት ሺፈራው፤ በ68 ዓመታቸው ፌብሪዋሪ 24 2016 ዓ.ም ከዚህ ዓለም በሞት የተለዩ ሲሆን፤ የኢሴመማ መሥራችና ፕሬዚደንት ነበሩ። “የሴቶች እኩል ተሳትፎ አለመኖርና በአመራር ላይ ሚና አለማግኘት ለችግርና ሰላም ማጣት አንዱ

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Maigenet Shifferraw, Struggle from Afar: Ethiopian Women Peace and Human Rights Activists in the Diaspora.

Struggle from Afar is the first of its kind, with comprehensive interviews of phenomenon Ethiopian women in the diaspora and their activism. Dr. Shifferraw narrates the varied efforts and peaceful struggle of Ethiopian women across generations in the U.S. for the promotion and observance of peace and human rights in Ethiopia. Dr. Maigenet Shifferraw painstakingly and succinctly documents activities and activism of Center for

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