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Africa: Charting the Digital Gender Gap

AfricaFocus Bulletin New research from the World Wide Web Foundation reveals new details about the enduring digital gender gap in Africa’s urban cities, despite the unprecedented expansion of access to mobile phones among women as well as men. In poor neighborhoods of six African cities, the study shows, “women are almost as likely as men to own a mobile phone of their own, but

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11 Questions With Aberash Bekele

By Belinda Luscombe: Time Magazine Aberash Bekele, the subject of Difret, Angelina Jolie’s new movie, talks to Time magazine about her life as a child bride who killed her would-be husband. In 1997, when you were 14, you killed a man. Can you explain why? I was abducted, and I was trying to go home. I shot not at him but to keep him

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Obama’s call to end female genital mutilation yet to reach Ethiopia’s villages

The Guardian. While some Ethiopians praise the US president’s speech in Addis Ababa, other activists are concerned his message did not reach the people who needed to hear it the most in remote, traditional villages where circumcision continues. When she was a girl, Sadiya Aliye’s genitals were cut, as she was told tradition dictated. So when she became a mother to four daughters, she

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