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Mission Statement

The Center for Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW) is a non-governmental, non‐profit, non‐partisan, human rights and peace organization established to promote the social, economic and legal rights of Ethiopian women in Ethiopia and worldwide.


CREW would like to see the rights of Ethiopian women are achieved and their full and equal human rights realized.

Core Value

  • Our work is built upon principles of human rights values toward the realization of equality of women with men and eradication of all violence and discriminations based on gender
  •  We are committed to work as part of a global women’s movement to build our collective voices, power and influences for all Ethiopian women to be treated with respect and dignity
  • In all our interactions, we strive for transparency, fairness, respect for equality , gender sensitivity, voluntarism, accountability and integrity
  • We will work independently from any political party, government or religious institutions
  • We will strive for excellence, while being creative, bold and courageous
  • We will partner and work together with other civil society organizations on issues of common interest
  • We believe in dialogue, debate and discussions and reconciliation
  • We encourage tolerance of differing opinions
  • We strive to be objective towards issues
  • We promote reliability, accessibility and quality services
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