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July 2015

This company sells spy tools to evil governments

CNN Money We know dictatorships spy on innocent people. And now we know where they buy their tools — from a tiny Italian company in Milan. It’s called Hacking Team. And the world knows about it, because Hacking Team has been hacked. On Sunday, a massive load of stolen documents were uploaded to the Internet. It revealed contracts, invoices and internal presentations of Hacking Team.

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Migrants seeking better lives pass through Ethiopian border town Metema

By ELIAS MESERET, Associated Press METEMA, Ethiopia (AP) — The mood in the border town of Metema these days is quiet and watchful. Dozens of houses on the hot, dusty main road that stretches from Ethiopia into Sudan look like they have been hastily closed. Guards grimly patrol the border, stopping anyone who looks to be trying to cross the border illegally. The nightclubs

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Global Women in Leadership and Political Participation

Source: UN Women Only 22 per cent of all national parliamentarians were female as of January 2015, a slow increase from 11.3 per cent in 1995 [1]. As of January 2015, 10 women served as Head of State and 14 served as Head of Government [2]. Rwanda had the highest number of women parliamentarians worldwide. Women there have won 63.8 per cent of seats in the

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