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December 2014

The Charities and Societies Proclamation and its impact on human rights and women’s rights activism in Ethiopia

Four years after a draconian law stymied the work of civil society associations in Ethiopia, it has remained imperative to search for ways and means of the public making its input towards ensuring its entitlement to human rights, needs satisfaction and human development. Ethiopia passed the Charities and Societies Proclamation (CSP), (No.621/2009), in February 2009 to regulate the work of civil society organizations in

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Call For Papers: Fourth International Conference of Ethiopian Women in the Diaspora March 7, 2015 Washington DC, USA

The Role of Civil Society Organization (CSOs) in the Upcoming Elections in Ethiopia  Call for papers  Civil society organizations (CSOs) flourished in Ethiopia from early 1990s to 2005 better than ever before. Some of these civil society organizations focused on service delivery, others on civil rights, gender equality and good governance, and still others on consciousness raising and the environment. In 2009, the Government

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Gang rape spurs calls for reform in Ethiopia

Women’s rights activists are demanding change after Hanna Lalango, 16, was gang-raped on a bus and left for dead. By Jacey Fortin, Aljazeera Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Inside a gated home on the western outskirts of Ethiopia’s capital, a picture of Hanna Lalango is framed in a wreath of flowers just beginning to wilt around the edges. The 16-year-old girl died on November 1, about a month

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Kidnapped, Raped and Left for Dead: Who Will Protect Ethiopia’s Girls?

By Rediet Wegayehu, The Guardian One day in early October, Hanna Lalango, 16, did not return from school to her home in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, at the usual time. Her father Lalongo Hayesso was worried about his youngest daughter. “We waited for her at her usual time … but we had to wait for 11 days to hear that she had been abandoned

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