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November 2014

The Yellow Movement at A.A. University Update on Abduction of Hanna Lalango

By Tadias Magazine The Yellow Movement at Addis Ababa University — an initiative co-founded by law school lecturer Blen Sahilu and a group of students organized to advocate for the protection of women from gender based violence — is bringing international attention via social media to the recent broad daylight kidnapping and gang rape of a 16-year-old student, Hanna Lalango. The latest social media

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10 countries where Gender Equality is closer to Reality

In order to push gender equality forward, we need to measure and track gender gaps over time. That’s precisely the goal of the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s annual Global Gender Gap Index, which published its latest report last week. It analyzes the gaps in rights and opportunities between men and women in key areas, including health, education, economic participation and political empowerment, in 142 economies worldwide. SEE

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The Dominican Government Is Cementing the Foundations of Apartheid

By: Kumera Genet It is over a year since the highest court in the Dominican Republic issued Resolution TC 0168/13, a ruling that stripped the citizenship of up to 250,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent. Since this ruling, the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the Dominican government of have used numerous methods to avoid legal responsibility for their actions, which violate the very Constitution of

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‘Nightmare’ for Ethiopian Pastoralists as foreign investors buy up land

By: David Smith, The Guardian Thinktank accuses Ethiopian government of stirring ethnic tensions as Suri displaced to make way for large plantations. Ethiopia’s policy of leasing millions of hectares of land to foreign investors is encouraging human rights violations, ruining livelihoods and disturbing a delicate political balance between ethnic groups, a thinktank report has found. The US-based Oakland Institute says that while the east African country is now lauded

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