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December 2013

The Guardian – News World news Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia’s foreign labour crackdown drives out 2m migrants

Under the watchful eyes of Saudi policemen slouched in their squad cars along a rundown street, little knots of Ethiopian men sit chatting on doorsteps and sprawl on threadbare grass at one of Riyadh’s busiest junctions. These are tense, wary times in Manfouha, a few minutes’ drive from the capital’s glittering towers and swanky shopping malls. Manfouha is the bleak frontline in Saudi Arabia’s

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Daily Star – HRW urges Saudi Arabia to probe violence in illegals crackdown

RIYADH: Human Rights Watch on Sunday urged Saudi authorities to launch a probe into violence that accompanied a crackdown launched last month against illegal migrant workers. It also warned of a “humanitarian disaster” if the workers remain held in deportation centres across the Gulf kingdom. Saudi authorities had announced the death in November of four people — two Saudis, a Sundanese and another foreigner

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IOM aids over 21,000 Ethiopian returnees from Saudi Arabia

Ethiopia – IOM Ethiopia has assisted over 21,000 Ethiopian returnees arriving home on Ethiopian government charter flights from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) over the past 12 days, following a KSA crackdown on undocumented migrants. Ethiopia began bringing migrant workers home from the KSA on November 13th. It is now flying up to 12 charters a day from the KSA to Addis Ababa.

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BBC – Saudi crackdown on illegal workers sparks heated debate

For Abu Osama al-Qeithy, starting up a small business in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, has been difficult. He has paid for his operators’ licence and insurance, and met all the conditions set by the ministry of labour, but his fast-food outlet is still standing idle as workers have become something of a rarity. “I applied three months ago to get visas for foreign workers

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