Women, Youth & Leadership in the African American Community, presentation at CREW’s 5th Annual International Women’s Conference, Women and Leadership in Ethiopia in honor of Dr. Maigenet Shifferraw, March 20 2016

By Elizabeth Lakew

1273912_853625138117464_5247599898627451682_oI understand that this event is mainly centered around Dr. Maigenet Shifferaw but more specifically in the legacy that she has left. Dr. Shifferaw was a magnificent woman and in preparation for this presentation today, I read and watched as many videos about her as I could--and I sure don’t need to tell the people in this room that she most certainly had a fire about her. I mean very seldom do you find people that not only use their voices to speak out--but alongside to speaking up on behalf of women she was also a woman of action. She founded an entire organization dedicated to her life’s passion and it is my pleasure to be asked to speak her today, on behalf of the younger generation of women’s rights advocates and social activists. Read more


The Necessity of Women’s Leadership in Ethiopia. Paper presented at CREW’s 5th Annual International Women’s Conference, Women and Leadership in Ethiopia, March 20 2016

12990877_873922119421099_3603477965124916298_nBy Assegid Habtewold. Last year, almost this time around, I was looking for an interviewee to talk about why Ethiopian women aren’t at the front and leading. Everywhere I asked that question, Dr. Miagenet’s name came up again and again. After a few phone and email conversations, we set a date to conduct the interview. Coming back to the interview, for my first question: Who is (are) responsible why women are not at the front and leading, she pointed out that the culprits are our culture first, and then some men, and women themselves too. Read more


In Honor of Dr. Maigenet Shifferraw, CREW’s 5th Annual International Women’s Conference, Women and Leadership in Ethiopia, March 20 2016


Stop the Killings in the Oromia Region

Press Release December 24, 2015

Oromia imageIt is to be remembered that Center for the rights of Ethiopian women (CREW) issued a statement on May 3, 2014 condemning the killing of students and their supporters in various parts of Oromia region in Ethiopia. Sixteen students were killed at Ambo University alone and more than ten students at other universities in the region.  They were killed by government security forces for protesting against a new Integrated Development Master Plan of the city of Addis Ababa which the students believe is a plan to annex several towns in the area and displace Oromo farmers. Again, in the last few weeks we are witnessing the same merciless killings of peaceful protesters including women and children in the Oromia region.

Even though the Ethiopian government has reported only 5 deaths, Human Rights Watch and other human rights organizations have reported the number of deaths have reached more than 75. NO matter what the actual number is, CREW believes, “even one killing is one too many” for peaceful demonstration. Leslie Lefkow, deputy Africa director at Human Rights Watch stated,  “The Ethiopian government’s response to the Oromia protests has resulted in scores dead and a rapidly rising risk of greater bloodshed, the government’s labeling of largely peaceful protesters as ‘terrorists’ and deploying military forces is a very dangerous escalation of this volatile situation.” Read more

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