Summary of 3rd Annual International Conference of EthiopianWomen in the Diaspora

April 2, 2014

The program started with CREW member, Hiwote Mekonnen, introducing the objectives of the conference and introducing Dr. Maigenet Shiferraw, President of CREW. Dr. Maigent gave a brief preview of the short history of CREW  and outlined the theme of the conference.  Dr. Maigenet thanked the sponsors of the Conference: Tadias Magazne, Tsehay Publishers, ESAT Television & Radio, Sankofa Café and Gebeta Restaurant.

The opening speaker, Chereace Richards. is a successful business woman and a motivational speaker. She is the author of Faith, Focus, Action: The Journey to Becoming Who you are.  Chereace captured the mission and vision of CREW and spoke on how members of CREW should focus and take actions to fulfill their dreams.  Read More


Third International Conference of Ethiopian Women in the Diaspora

Washington, D.C. (TADIAS) — The lively and diverse crowd at the Third International Conference of Ethiopian Women in the Diaspora — that was held at the Sheraton in Silver Spring, Maryland this past weekend (Saturday, March 22nd) — featured several speakers (both women and men) discussing current issues affecting Ethiopian women globally. Some of the presenters participated via Internet from Colorado, Kentucky and California. Read More


The Seven Ethiopian Women Demonstrators must be Released

crewCenter for the Rights of Ethiopian Women (CREW) is deeply disturbed by the arrest of seven young women accused of unlawfully holding a demonstration during the Great Ethiopian Women Run that was held on Sunday, March 9, 2014. On Friday March 14, 2014 they were brought to court and the court denied them bail and sent them back to jail.

During the Great Ethiopian Women Run of 2014, several young Ethiopian women chanted for freedom in their country and demanded the government to free jailed journalists and political prisoners. They voiced about the unbearable cost of living in the country. They also expressed that they are proud daughters of Emperor Menilik and Queen Taitu. These were the messages, which subjected them to be arrested and detained as criminals. None of the reports, including videos and local news, indicated any violent acts or messages by these young women. They were unarmed. Neither public disturbances nor any violent situations were created as the result of their demonstration. They were peacefully conveying their messages to the public using the occasion. Read More


Equality for Ethiopian Women: Is Progress for all?

Commemorating   International Women’s day and International Women’s Month

The 2014 United Nations theme for International Women’s Day is “Equality for Women is Progress for all.”When we assess the current status of Ethiopian women, we have come a long way in addressing equality of women. Yet, we have more to do to achieve progress for all.

Throughout the world, March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day and the month of March as Women’s History Month.  The reason why we commemorate March 8th is to highlight what we have achieved so far; assess our current situations; and recommit ourselves to realize progress for all. Read More


በሳዑዲ አረቢያ የታመቀው የኢትዮጵያውያን ሮሮ ፈንድቶ ዛሬ በሽሚሲ ሁከት ነግሶ ዋለ

 ZeHabesha – 03 Mar 2014

የጅዳ ቆንስል ሃላፊዎች ሆይ ለወገኖቻችሁ ድረሱላቸው!
* ተጽእኖ ፈጣሪዎችም እታድክሙን ፣ ሂዱና እየሆነ ያለውን ተመልከቱ!

ዘገባ ነብዩ ሲራክ ከሳዑዲ አረቢያ

ሰሞኑን ከጅዳው የሽሜሲ ጊዜያዊ የእስር ማቆያ ውdefend1ስጥ የሚገኙ በርካታ ኢትዮጵያውያን ለወራት በእስር ተንገላታን ሲሉ የመረረ ሮሯቸውን ገለጹልኝ ። ሮሯቸወ ሰሚ ማጣቱን አምርረው የገለጹልኝ ወገኖች ከእኔ አልፎ ተርፎ ለጀርመን ራዲዮ የዝግጅት ክፍል ሳይቀር ምሬት ሮሯቸውን ማስተላለፋቸውን ገልጸውልኛል።

ዛሬ ረፋድ ላይም በተንቀሳቃሽ ስልኬ ደውለው እጃችሁን ስጡ ተብለው በሰጡ እየደረሰባቸው ያለው መጉላላት በመክበዱ ወደ የሞት ሽረት አድርገው ቁርጡን ለማወቅ እንደሚገደዱና ይህንንም ” ለጅዳ ቆንስል መስሪያ ቤት ሃላፊዎችና ለአለም ድምጻችን አሰማልን !” ሲሉ እያለቀሱ ሃሳባቸውን ሲያስረዱኝ መጭውን ለመገመት አዳጋች አልነበረም። Read More